Success stories

Michigan House Democrats
for a State House Majority

“TFC kicked ass for us this cycle! The work these volunteers did to grow grassroots fundraising and scale digital operations for our caucus and candidates was absolutely critical to our historic win in Michigan."

Grant Hauschild
for Minnesota Senate (MN SD-3)

“You all helped us flip a deeply rural district in Minnesota that very few people thought we could win. Not only that but it led Minnesota Democrats to take back the Senate Majority by 1 seat and take trifecta control of government. Your digital strategy helped us reach voters in a way our competitor simply didn’t understand. I think it made the difference and I’m grateful for everything you all did.” 

Judy Seeberger
for Minnesota Senate (MN SD-41)

“I cannot thank you enough for all of your incredible support for my campaign through Tech for Campaigns. To have a team of talented and reliable volunteers managing my digital ad program and website rather than a paid firm enabled me to focus my budget on voter outreach and trust that I was delivering the right messages to the right people.” 

Stacey Abrams
for Georgia Governor

"I found working with the TFC team on this project to be really engaging and rewarding. And the Abrams campaign was amazing. They helped us see the connection between our work and tangible results on the campaign in a way that was really inspiring."

— Keith Turner, Data Scientist
Dr. Liz Snyder
for Alaska House (AK HD-27)

"11 votes - that was the win margin in this race! It is so rewarding to know that our efforts made a real difference and helped Dr. Snyder flip her seat. This is the most direct, meaningful way for tech professionals to make an impact on our democracy."

— Christos Apartoglou, Team Lead
Virginia House Dems
for Virginia State House

"Our partnership with TFC was essential to helping our candidates run professional, strategic digital campaigns. Their volunteers and staff provided Virginia's candidates with expert advice and talent, and were a key factor in flipping Virginia's State House blue."

— Trevor Southerland, Executive Director, Virginia House Democratic Caucus
Anna Eskamani
for Florida House (FL HD-47)

“We are SO grateful for your incredible contribution of time and talent. Thank you for giving so much to our movement and helping us build a representative democracy!”

— Rep. Anna Eskamani
DeAndrea Salvador
for North Carolina Senate (NC SD-39)

“Being born and raised in North Carolina, I was even more excited about this project as I was able to work with a candidate from my home state. That made it even more fulfilling when I found out DeAndrea had successfully flipped the state Senate seat!”

— Lisa Dzera, Senior Product Designer at CareMessage
James Talarico
for Texas House (TX HD-52)

"Working on the James Talarico campaign was an amazing experience. It felt great to apply my work/educational experience to do my part to close the gap in the Texas House of Representatives."

— Zach Winston, Data Scientist
Kendra Horn
for U.S. House (OK-05)

“We won by 3,300 votes against an incumbent, with almost no outside help. We had to pinch pennies and be smart about any spending, which you allowed us to do!”

— Ward Curtin, campaign manager for Kendra Horn
Jennifer Pawlik and Steve Weichert
for Arizona State House and Senate (AZ LD-17)

"I had a fantastic experience writing copy for Jennifer Pawlik's 2018 Arizona House race. Jennifer and team were great partners in developing and executing our text campaign, and the TFC team worked seamlessly to deliver high-quality results. I was thrilled to see Jennifer win her race, and look forward to volunteering on more projects like this in the future!"

— Melissa Corner, copywriter on Pawlik / Weichert texting project
James Thompson
for U.S. Congress (KS-4)

“These volunteers brought a different perspective and skill sets that helped us come up with fresh ideas and reach new demographics. TFC instantly grew the campaign's social media reach.”

— Colin Curtis, Thompson for Kansas Campaign Manager
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