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Sr. Data Engineer, Khan Academy
Sr. Data Engineer
Khan Academy
Sr. Data Scientist, HBO
Sr. Data Scientist
Sr. Product Designer, SoFi
Sr. Product Designer
Sr. Product Manager, NerdWallet
Sr. Product Manager
Data Scientist, Stripe
Data Scientist
Software Engineer, Waymo
Software Engineer
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There couldn’t be more at stake. Help flip state legislatures all across the country blue in 2019 and 2020.


The Tech Infrastructure Fund

Democrats lag behind Republicans on building and investing in lasting technology tools, data and digital. TFC is building lasting technology and tools and sharing them across campaigns of all types. 

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Tech for Campaigns (TFC) has helped almost 200 campaigns in 2.5 years, and donations allow campaigns to get amazing and skilled talent to help on their campaigns. Help us double the number of campaigns in 2020.

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Kendra Horn
Rep. Kendra Horn
Oklahoma's Fifth Congressional District

“Tech for Campaigns reached out on a Friday and by Saturday had a team and ads up and running. They boosted our visibility to key constituencies at pivotal moment, that helped us secure a win in a district a lot of people had counted out.”

- Ward Curtin, Campaign Manager

Chris Hurst
Del. Chris Hurst
Virginia's 12th House District

"Working with Tech For Campaigns has opened our eyes to all the ways digital can be crucially helpful: from reaching specific groups of donors and voters, to tracking ROI on every dollar spent."

- Andrew Whitley, Campaign Manager

Stacey Abrams
Stacey Abrams
Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate

"This was my best experience working with a tech company because of the collaboration between us and your team."

-Thad Logan, Deputy Finance Director

What TFC volunteers are saying

Anela Chan
Anela Chan
Data Scientist at HBO

I was able to put my data skills to use in a Virginia State House race, and it felt great to see my candidate win.”

TFC Analytics lead for Chris Hurst (VA HD-12 Delegate)

Andy Locascio
Andy Locascio
Engineer at Slack

“To be able to volunteer my engineering and design skills is a force multiplier: I can be politically active in a way that’s enjoyable, while also making the most impact.”

Engineer and Designer for the Virginia House Democrats

Kyle Sherin
Kyle Sherin
Director of Growth & Performance Marketing at Allbirds

“TFC gives me the opportunity to use more than just my vote each year - allowing me to take my digital marketing experience to candidates who will benefit from it the most.”

Digital Marketer for Dayna Polehanki for Michigan State Senate

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