About Us

Tech for Campaigns is a new and transformative force in the American political ecosystem. Our mission is to support and modernize progressive and centrist political campaigns, especially at the state level, by providing them with game-changing access to world-class technical and digital expertise and hence change political outcomes.

Historically, most non-Presidential Democratic campaigns have had negligible access to the digital strategies, tools, and skills that underpin today’s for-profit tech industry. The implications of this gap cannot be overstated—especially since the Right has used it to their great advantage, fueled by opportunistic technological investments from major donors. The result: massive electoral losses—900+ net seats on the state level in the past 8 years—and an uphill path back to power.

Tech for Campaigns is designed to close this digital deficit by bringing tech-industry talent to campaigns at all levels, nationwide. We have assembled the largest network—currently over 4,000 and growing—of highly-skilled digital volunteers from a variety of disciplines—engineering, social media, data science, design, and many more. Together, they are eager to turn political passion into high-skill hands-on action in a way that hasn’t been done before. With the help of our proprietary technological infrastructure, we empower these volunteers to work in cross-functional teams, collaborating directly with campaign staffs, to make world-class digital strategy and execution a reality for campaigns that would otherwise operate in the technological dark ages. Simply put, Tech for Campaigns gives campaigns cutting-edge capabilities that they could not access or afford without us while simultaneously providing our volunteers with a unique and meaningful way to get involved. In so doing, Tech for Campaigns fundamentally changes the nature of campaigning, unlocking new opportunities for progressive and centrist victory.

Current Openings

Executive Director