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The Tech Workers Boosting Down-ballot Democrats

Ashley Gold, 08/21/2020

"We're not that sexy campaign at the top of the ticket," Florida HD-118 Candidate, Ricky Junquera said. "Money is hard to raise. They're [TFC] like my fairy godmother."

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Donald Trump’s Facebook Ads Look Different Than Democrats’

Joshua Brustein, 02/27/2020

"According to Tech for Campaigns’ analysis of Facebook advertising data, Democrats have on average focused more heavily on fundraising—more than 50% of Facebook ads from Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg have directly asked for money. In contrast, Trump has focused on gathering voter data and testing variations of different messages..."

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All Those Texts You Receive From Political Campaigns Actually Work

Joseph Bernstein, 08/06/2019

"A report by Tech for Campaigns, an organization that provides proprietary technology and a network of more than 11,000 tech worker volunteers to assist Democratic candidates, found that voters who were texted by a campaign were 1% more likely to vote than those who were not."

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How a Bunch of Dreamers Turned Texas a Shade of Pink

Antonio Garcia Martinez, 11/20/18

"Tech for Campaigns, a San Francisco nonprofit that focuses on state legislative elections, deployed several thousand Silicon Valley volunteers across America. They won all the Texas legislative races they targeted (eight flipped, and one defended), a big validation of their tech meets down-ballot candidate strategy. "

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Digital Hype Aside, Report Says Political Campaigns Are Mostly Analog Affairs

Kevin Roose, 3/21/19

"[O]nline advertising by political campaigns is still largely an afterthought, according to a new report by Tech for Campaigns, a group of technology workers who volunteer to help Democratic candidates with digital outreach."

‘I thought: what do I have to offer?’ The woman digitalising the Democrats

Ian Tucker, 7/28/2018

"Tech for Campaigns [is] a 7,000-strong volunteer organisation that enables Silicon Valley employees to use their digital skills to help Democratic election candidates [...] The aim is to become a permanent digital arm for progressive and centrist campaigns, and give access to campaigns at any level to the people, technology and resources they need"

4,500 Tech Workers, 1 Mission: Get Democrats Elected

Kevin Roose and Sheera Frenkel, 7/13/18

"Tech for Campaigns has become a kind of Democratic Geek Squad — a national volunteer network consisting of more than 4,500 tech workers [...] These volunteers, who include engineers, marketers and data scientists, are matched with Democratic campaigns across the country to provide training on digital skills, such as how to promote themselves on social media, build their email lists and use data analytics to identify potential donors."

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More than 3,000 tech employees are volunteering their skills to turn the tables politically

Connie Loizos, 10/17/17

"Tech for Campaigns injects tech talent into the campaigns of centrist and liberal candidates who need advice and tools to make better use of Facebook and Twitter, craft individualized emails for segmented voters, and much more."
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Silicon Valley Wants To Dust Off The Democratic Establishment

Aarti Shahani, 9/7/17

"During the Obama years, Democrats got comfortable and Republicans gained a digital advantage. Now, the liberals of Silicon Valley want to change that."
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This Silicon Valley Organization Is Working To Flip Red States Blue

Rebecca Heilweil, 6/7/17

"Levin lacked access to both branding and technology. But with Tech For Campaigns, what would have been a slow campaign start became a fully-furnished introduction. By the end of March, the Levin campaign had raised over $280,000, almost three times his initial fundraising goal."

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How Silicon Valley is trying to topple Trump — beginning with a special election in Montana

Tony Romm, 5/23/17

"TFC paired up employees from Slack, Salesforce and LendingTree with [Kansas] Democratic candidate James Thompson’s campaign, and together, they worked on areas like digital advertising, particularly on social media, meant to woo new voters and get them out to vote."
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Tech For Campaigns Is Giving Progressive Politicians A Silicon Valley Boost

Eillie Anzilotti, 5/5/17

"TFC got involved with the Kansas special election around six weeks before the polls opened, and deployed a team of Silicon Valley-based experts to help boost engagement...Thompson’s Facebook and Twitter channels. Thompson’s Facebook page followers rose from 1,300 to over 10,000, and the average likes per post spiked from 20 to around 600."

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Tech workers electing to use skills in politics

Trisha Thadani, 3/9/17

"Tech for Campaigns — which brings people with coding, social media, fundraising and data skills together with 'progressive and centrist political campaigns'...helped Levin build a website and donation portal and created his social media accounts ahead of his campaign opening. While creating a website may sound trivial to some, Levin said it gave his announcement a big leg up."