What's the goal of TFC?

Leverage the expanding reach of technology and digital communications to build electoral power for progressives and moderates throughout the United States. To do that, we are building a lasting and permanent tech and digital arm for Democrats.

Why do you focus on state legislative races for volunteer work?

While we focus on state legislative races, it is not exclusive: we are happy to look at statewides, congressionals, state parties, and party committees as well. The reason state legislative work makes up the bulk of our work is multifold:

  • State legislative races are crucially important to day-to-day policy outcomes, and a cornerstone of our democracy, but are underfunded and underserved.
  • Due to their underserved nature and smaller geographic territories, their budgets are smaller. This makes many of these campaigns economically unattractive for traditional political service providers, who may be forced to charge substantial fees or de-prioritize work in order to serve these campaigns.
  • TFC’s hybrid staff and volunteer model enables us to serve many of these races with very high quality work for free or very low cost, helping create change at the state level.

How did TFC get started?

In 2017, our founders realized that many in the tech industry have indispensable skills that non-presidential and down-ticket campaigns find hard to access, even at the volunteer level - like cutting edge performance and social marketing, data analysts and science, engineers and many more.

At the same time, many members of the tech community were craving a way to get involved beyond their pocket books and hadn’t found an ongoing means to help campaigns. Connecting these two groups - volunteers and campaigns - could help fix this skill shortfall in these campaigns and achieve better outcomes, and we were off to the races.

Does my location matter?

No. Where possible, we’ll try to find projects that you have a geographic affinity for, but TFC volunteers can be anywhere in the United States. 

What sort of people are / should be represented in the community?

The goal is to create a community of skilled, long-term volunteers who are excited to use their specific skills to help down-ticket campaigns have access to best in class digital, marketing, creative, and engineering talent.

Our current volunteer skill base crosses the following realms:

  • Social & Marketing
  • Data & Analytics
  • Product
  • Engineering
  • Other

Why haven’t I been invited or accepted on a project team?

If you aren’t getting weekly newsletters from TFC, check your Promotion or Junk folders and add us as a safe sender. 

We select project team members based on demonstrated skills in your LinkedIn profile. TFC delivers skilled services to campaigns, and we do our best to place experienced volunteers on teams. Unfortunately, if we are not able to validate your experience for the role you are applying to, we cannot place you on that team. 

How much time is required?

Typically, roles require 5-7 hours per volunteer per week. We have worked hard to organize our project teams based on this commitment to ensure we can deliver high quality results for our campaigns. If you find you are spending more time, please reach your to your Team Lead or TFC Partner. 

Do you offer training?

Yes, for certain roles. Our training is specific to the TFC process and approach versus training on overall digital skills. We choose experienced volunteers for our projects to make the biggest impact for our candidates.  

How can I help?

Got skills? Join the community as a volunteer >

Already signed up? Check out our open projects >

Got a campaign to suggest or are a part of campaign? Reach out >

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How can I reach you if I have more questions?

Please reach out to our TFC team at

For all press or media-related inquiries, please contact

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