Deputy Campaign Director

TFC’s Deputy Campaign Director works directly with candidates, staff, and leadership within state parties, state caucuses, and others to maximize electoral impact. It’s a crucial role within a high-functioning organization, with each day requiring different mixes of sales, campaign advisory, and digital marketing advisory, and technology product skills.



The Deputy Campaign Director will be primarily responsible for onboarding campaigns into TFC’s Digital Services Program. They will host sales and intake calls for 150+ state legislative campaigns over the course of the cycle, ensuring we are working with the most competitive campaigns across a variety of digital projects this cycle. As the campaign’s first touchpoint with TFC, they will set the tone for the campaign experience with TFC and will also ensure the campaign is strategically aligned and goals are clearly communicated for each project. 

The Deputy Campaign Director will:

  • Onboard up to 150 state legislative campaigns to TFC’s digital services program, not only ensuring buy-in to the program but also providing digital strategic insights and ensuring alignment with the campaign
  • Host media planning sessions with key state legislative campaigns to prepare for high impact digital ads projects
  • Work in partnership with the Campaign Director and State Directors to develop caucus-wide digital trainings throughout the cycle 
  • Craft and manage TFC’s monthly Campaign Newsletter 
  • Partner with State Directors to provide caucus and campaign partners a “best in class” digital offering
  • Build a relationship of trust, partnership, and strategic counsel with the candidates, campaign managers, volunteers, and statewide caucus leaders, establishing TFC as a trusted partner, not just a services provider
  • Roll up your sleeves, jump in, and have fun with a community of deeply-committed and talented people from all backgrounds that are fighting for democracy and against extremism
  • Make a meaningful, measurable impact on the elections that will shape our lives and the future of our country


  • A strong communicator and presenter, able thoughtfully build buy-in with the executive presence to represent TFC as a strategic partner to candidates
  • A problem solver and team player: “Not my job” is not in your vocabulary. You are creative and collaborative in solving problems and not afraid to ask for help from your team. You take ownership of the team’s results and the challenges that may come with it
  • Humble and gracious, allowing you and others to be direct and collaborative in solving problems and in sharing and receiving feedback
  • Keen ability to understand and succinctly explain campaign and digital strategy
  • Strong sales ability and/or aptitude - you’re persistent and resourceful while building trust
  • Foundational understanding of digital marketing and best practices 
  • Comfortable in and excited about a tech-focused, digital-first environment 
  • Passion for putting your talent to work on high-impact, high-ROI projects that drive electoral outcomes and shape our daily lives
  • At least two cycles of experience working on political campaigns and a strong ability to emphasize the needs of campaign staff
  • Highly organized and metrics driven; rigorous in tracking and communicating performance 

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About Tech for Campaigns

Tech for Campaigns (TFC) leverages cutting-edge digital marketing and data analytics, underpinned by durable tech infrastructure, to combat extremism and support Democratic victories. Through both their Digital Campaign Services and Voter Turnout programs, TFC has played a pivotal role in flipping 7 state legislative chambers and mobilizing over 500,000 voters. The organization points their expertise in digital strategy and execution on swing district state legislative campaigns and on turning out incremental voters who can make a difference on races up and down the ballot. Founded in 2017 by three tech entrepreneurs seeking the most impactful ways to leverage digital and data in politics, TFC identifies and capitalizes on high-ROI opportunities to effect change across the ballot.