Welcoming Gina Pak as TFC's next CEO

As Tech for Campaigns turns six, we have some exciting news for the organization. Gina Pak is stepping up from leading our Digital Voter Turnout Program into the CEO position. Greg Dale will be moving into a Senior Advisor role in February 2023, and Jessica Alter will remain as Chair.

Gina joined TFC in 2022, and under her leadership, the Digital Voter Turnout Program registered nearly 60K voters in key swing states to vote early. Like many TFC team members, Gina came to us from the digital marketing and software world. She was previously the Founding Member/CMO of Blueland and VP of Consumer Experience at Theory. It’s a fantastic win to have Gina lead Tech for Campaigns’ next chapter with her direct-to-consumer marketing experience, commitment to our mission, and entrepreneurial mindset. Under her guidance, TFC will continue to innovate and drive impact as a premier organization that delivers wins for Democrats – especially those down ballot.

TFC was founded in 2017 to respond to unprecedented fractures in our democracy and a realization that the Democratic Party was lagging on digital and technology. Our answer was to couple commercial digital marketing practices with best-in-class execution to overlooked-but-critical swing campaigns, states, and voters.

Since then, we’ve worked with 600 campaigns, delivered almost 1,000 digital projects, built a volunteer base of 17,000, and helped almost 500,000 Americans vote early or by mail. And in 2022, despite voting restrictions and redrawn districts, our work helped deliver 8 statewide victories, 4 flipped state legislatures, and a supported candidate roster that was more than 50% BIPOC and female.

Greg has been with the organization from the beginning and has been an integral part of achieving these outcomes. TFC would not be where it is today without him. We’re incredibly grateful for his lasting contributions to TFC and look forward to working with him in his new role as Senior Advisor.

TFC's future is bright and full of opportunities to continue to make an outsized impact. We’re already hard at work to flip the Virginia House in 2023, and we’re rolling out digital marketing experiments that will be critical launchpads for a successful 2024.  

We’re so excited to build on the successes we’ve already had and to reshape the political outcomes in this country. We’re so proud of the community we’ve built so far, and we can’t wait to show you what’s coming next. For now, you can always donate or recruit a friend to volunteer. And please follow along with us on our socials (Twitter, Instagram), and while you’re there, don’t forget to show Gina some love for her new role.

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