Volunteer Recognition Program: How It Works

Complete Projects. Refer Friends. Earn Rewards.

This program is currently in beta and its policies and procedures are subject to change. Points can be earned starting 1/1/2022 and the program will officially launch in February of 2022.

How do I earn recognition points?

There are currently three ways to earn points:

  1. Volunteering on projects (1 project = 3 points)
  2. Referring a friend (1 referral = 1 point)
  3. Getting the friend that you referred to volunteer on a project (1 project by a referral = 3 points)

How many points do I need to get to each level?

There are three levels in the recognition program, which earn progressively bigger rewards. For some levels, projects must have been completed in the past year to qualify.

  1. Level 1: 3-8 points (1+ project)
  2. Level 2: 9+ points (3+ projects AND at least one project in the past year)
  3. VIP: 21+ points (7+ projects AND at least one project in the past year)

How can I complete a referral?

  1. Send your referral your custom referral signup link. This link will always be[your email]. For example, one's link might be
  2. Once your referral signs up using your link, you'll automatically earn one point immediately, and three points if they join a project.

What rewards will I receive?

Cutoffs for rewards are currently being evaluated and will be announced in February 2022. Rewards will include the following: 

  • Priority access to high profile TFC projects and partner opportunities
  • Access to exclusive networking groups
  • Invitations to exclusive in-person and virtual events
  • Swag (TFC branded stickers, T-shirts, etc)

How do I know what level I'm currently on?

If you're in level 1 or higher, your status will be emailed to you on a regular basis. At the start of the program (February 2022), levels will be determined by number of projects completed only. Points for referrals will only begin to be earned after 1/1/2021.

What should I do if I have a question about the recognition program or believe that my status is incorrect?

If you have questions about TFC's Volunteer Recognition Program, you can email

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