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laptop showing polaris app with smart phone screen doing call time
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Polaris is an integrated fundraising research and call time app for Democratic campaigns and organizations. Polaris’s powerful infrastructure enables staffers to seamlessly join call time from any location, track follow-ups all while automating giving history research and providing the most powerful filters to improve results.

"I LOVE this product. It has made me close to independent in doing call time. Truly this is better than sliced bread."
doctor kayser enneking florida state house district 21 candidate
Candidate: HD-21
Florida State House
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Tabella Ads

Tabella Ads aggregates all political ad spending across Facebook and Google. Search and compare spenders across the political spectrum to track spending habits by platform, state or campaign.

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Tabella Field

Tabella Field provides key voter contact analytics and reporting for state-based organizations’ field operations. It saves hundreds of hours of manual reporting work, allowing users to  spot issues and opportunities as they happen.

"THANK YOU so much for all your incredible work! Really, we could not have done it without you and your work helped make us one of the few bright spots in Florida this year."
andrew learned florida state house district 59 representative
Representative: HD-59
Florida State House

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