Request for Volunteers: light money


Tech for Campaigns, ourselves!


TFC is growing up — after 3000 volunteers and 14 projects live we need to solidify our existence through the 2018 cycle and bring on full-time talent to run the organization. While fundraising we don’t only want to target tech leaders, we also want to be thoughtful about reaching out to big democratic donors who are more likely to give to political causes (we are a non-profit 527 organization). Who these donors are and signals they are likely to give to organizations are on the web, but we need your help to aggregate and analyze it in order to continue growing, attain our goals of winning more democratic races and giving highly-skilled talent a sustainable route to stay involved in the political process.


Working with the Tech For Campaigns team, you'll work to create a comprehensive list of  democratic donors and help to prioritize those that would be likely to support new efforts and ways of thinking over the same old tactics. Here's your chance to help both our community and the progressive candidates by helping target the right people who are comfortable giving politically to the right organizations. There is potential this turns into other related projects for this or other data sets.

The need

  • 2 Engineers who can scrape the web for the donors to big democratic PACs and candidates. We can help provide guidance on data sources, you figure out the best methods for compiling a clean, user-friendly database.

  • 1 Team Lead/Product Manager excited to oversee the development of the dataset.


Approx. 6-7 hours per person over the next 2 weeks, starting 4/24 (this could also be a weekend project)

Interested? Apply here!

We'll review applicants and compile a team of volunteers with complementary skill sets, similar availability, and shared passion! If you don't get matched with this project, there will be many more to come.  Note: This application is supplemental to your main Tech For Campaigns sign up. Please ensure that you have also completed that form.

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