Request for Volunteers: Rob Quist - At Large Montana Congressional Seat (Special Election)


Democratic Candidate

Rob Quist


Rob Quist (D) is a native Montana and candidate for Montana’s at-large House seat vacated by Ryan Zinke (appt Secretary of Interior). Quist has high name recognition as an award-winning songwriter but is also an experienced small business owner and entrepreneur. He has the opportunity to be an independent voice and stand up for issues he and Montana voters care about: defending public lands from being sold off to the highest bidder, healthcare we can all afford, and standing up for Montana farmers and ranchers instead of Wall Street banks.

This is tough area for a democrat but a Democratic governor was just re-elected and the opponent -- an out-of-state multi-millionaire who is self-funding his own campaign -- the Governor beat is also Quist’s opponent. And because it’s a special election, there is the opportunity to dramatically impact who turns out to vote - change the outcome and close the gap.


For more details on his background and positions, check out his site, twitter and FB profiles.



The Quist campaign knows they have a tough road in front of them and they want to be smart about spreading the right messages to the right people. They’ve just hired a staffer to help spread important messages via influencers on social media.  A TFC project team will lead a paid digital marketing effort to act as a megaphone for those influencers’ messages. The team is tasked with: i. Building meaningful groups of targeted online audiences (esp on Facebook), ii. Amplifying the messages of influencers with the goal of persuasion iii. Testing and measuring outcomes by audience and then feeding that information back to the campaign so they can tailor future messages. Various digital properties can be used, but Facebook and Twitter are first on the list to try.

The need

  • Team lead

  • Paid Marketing Guru

  • Growth Marketing Guru


5-6 hours/week for 3 weeks starting week of April 9th until election May 25th

Interested? Apply here! Leave your name here by Wed (4/5) at 2pm PST

We'll review applicants and compile a team of volunteers with complementary skill sets, similar availability, and shared passion! If you don't get matched with this project, there will be many more to come.  Note: This application is supplemental to your main Tech For Campaigns sign up. Please ensure that you have also completed that form.

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