Success Story

Mike Levin

for U.S. Congress (CA-49)
Digital Identity Kit, Website, and Social Strategy


Democratic challenger in a California swing district establishes a strong digital identity, stands up a modern website and social media presence, and gets his 2018 campaign off to a fast start — thanks to help from Tech for Campaigns volunteers.


California's 49th district went to Hillary Clinton by a 6% margin in 2016, but Republican incumbent Darrell Issa narrowly held off a Democratic challenger to retain control of the district's U.S. Congressional seat. With the district clearly in play for 2018, environmental lawyer and clean tech executive Mike Levin wasted no time in stepping up to run.

Tech Needs

Levin was fired up to get his campaign off the ground in early 2017. But he didn't want to announce his candidacy without first setting up a full-featured website and social media presence to capture interest and momentum; and since he couldn't start fundraising pre-announcement, he wasn't sure how he was going to come up with $10K+ to spend on professional web development and social strategy consulting. The only feasible option seemed to be a below-the-radar announcement, followed by fundraising, followed by a digital emergence months down the line. Not ideal.

“We have all of this creative and digital talent on our side. TFC gives us a way to focus our efforts where they will do the most good.”

-Sara Cook, Web Developer at Stanford University

The Team

Kimen Warner
Team Lead
Kimen Warner
Product Manager at Adobe Target
Laine Carlsness
Graphic Design
Laine Carlsness
Owner at Broadsheet Design
Sara Cook
Web Development
Sara Cook
Web Developer at Stanford University
Kristy Ellington
Social Media Strategy
Kristy Ellington
Head of Social and Content at CreativeLive

The Project

The Tech for Campaigns team worked with the Levin campaign to identify their most urgent needs, and agreed on top priorities for an initial 4-week project:

  • A digital identity kit, including a logo, style guides, and collateral templates
  • A website with digital fundraising features, email capture, an events calendar, and a blog
  • Verified social profiles and a framework for targeted social media advertising

The Results

In just 4 weeks, the team set the Levin campaign up for strong digital kickoff. The team delivered: 

A beautiful, modern digital identity kit for use across multiple channels:

Image removed.

A modern, mobile-optimized website that includes a blog, events calendar, and donation capture

Image removed.

On-brand, verified Twitter and Facebook presences, and a social media targeting framework:

Image removed.

Levin was able to launch his campaign with a bang, build awareness quickly, and get his fundraising off to a strong start; Tech for Campaigns' involvement was also featured in a front-page story in the San Francisco Chronicle.