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Tech for Campaigns (TFC) is a community where world class tech talent meets progressive and centrist political campaigns in need of skilled volunteer talent. The promise is not only different political outcomes but the sustained engagement of people concerned with the direction America is going.

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From Our Supporters

“We can each magnify our impact by applying our effort through the lens of our own expertise. Tech for Campaigns enables this uniquely powerful dynamic.”

— Sunil Nagaraj, Vice President, Bessemer Ventures Partners

“In the tech industry, your job can be all-consuming. So even if you want to get involved politically, which many of my friends and colleagues do, it can be a challenge to find opportunities that match in terms of ideology or cause, skillset, and time commitment. Tech for Campaigns helps us put our skills to work for campaigns by making the matchmaking process easy.”
Ashley Carroll, General Partner, Social + Capital

“As a technology executive born in Iran who immigrated to the US in 1979, I have a particular appreciation for the opportunity this nation affords its citizens — and the duty we have to preserve those rights and opportunities. I’m excited that Tech for Campaigns helps technologists like me put our skills to work in support of community service.”
Kourosh Karimkhany, SVP Product, Weather Underground

“The tech community in Philadelphia is tight knit and growing. We understand that we all win together, and we’re used to collaborating, between companies and across sectors, as private, not for profits, and the public organizations come together for the benefit of all of us. Civic involvement is particularly important right now, and tech skills are important to facilitate that involvement. I’m thrilled that Tech for Campaigns is connecting passionate technologists with campaigns that need them.”
Lucinda Duncalfe, CEO, Monetate

“The smart use of technology unlocks fantastic leverage - we see this all the time in the venture world. Access to cutting edge technology can do the same for campaigns as well, and I'm excited to see Tech for Campaigns facilitating the connection between eager tech industry volunteers with these technical skills and campaigns who can get great benefit from this kind of leverage.”
Saar Gur, General Partner, Charles River Ventures