Request for Volunteers: Shine a new spotlight on a home-grown rising star


Silicon Valley's own Congressman, Ro Khanna


If the tech industry had its own elected official, it would likely be Ro Khanna, Silicon Valley's newly elected Congressman. This social-media centric project will help bring unprecedented visibility to this compelling new face.

Running from Cupertino to Fremont, California's 17th Congressional district is home to Apple, countless startups, and a brand new Democratic Congressman: Rohit (Ro) Khanna. Having unseated an eight-term incumbent, Ro brings a youthful energy to the post, as well as a desire to broadcast our tech-centric ethos nationally.

At the center of his platform is a vision for a 21st-century economy that connects traditional domestic manufacturing with advanced skills, new technologies, and widespread support for entrepreneurship. You can learn much more about his progressive ideals on his siteTwitter, and Facebook.


As a first-time officeholder, Congressman Khanna is looking to round out and hone his social media strategy for communicating with both his constituents at home and Americans more broadly. He will be running for re-election in 2018.

Congressman Khanna is looking for a data-driven audit of his social media presence, his followers, and the issues that are central to his campaign. Volunteers will collaborate to analyze what's working and what opportunities exist to strengthen and grow his social media presence going forward.

The need

  • 1 social-media marketing expert who can dive into existing accounts to figure out what's already working and strategize about the future. 

  • 1 data analyst with experience analyzing both numbers and messaging in a social media context.

  • 1 product/project manager excited to work with an up-and-coming congressman who will likely have a national stage. The ideal volunteer will love data and have managed marketing analytics projects.


5 hours/week for the next 2-3 weeks

Interested? Apply here!

We'll review applicants and compile a team of volunteers with complementary skill sets, similar availability, and shared passion! If you don't get matched with this project, there will be many more to come.  Note: This application is supplemental to your main Tech For Campaigns sign up. Please ensure that you have also completed that form.

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