Request for Volunteers: Help Democratic luminary KIRSTEN Gillibrand expand her reach on social media


New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand


New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has been a strong voice for the Left since she first came to office in 2009. In recent months, she has garnered increasing and crucial visibility for her staunch and principled opposition to the current administration. This project will help her leverage social media to amplify her platform and spread her powerful message even further.

During her tenure in the Senate, Gillibrand has served on the Senate Armed Services Committee, the Agriculture Committee (the first Democrat to do so in 40 years), and the Aging Committee. Her diverse résumé has yielded a wide-raging series of policy accomplishments. She has fought for job creation, ending "Don't Ask Don't Tell," health care for 9/11 first responders, preventing sexual assault both in the military and on college campuses; lowering the cost of prescription drugs; and meaningful gun control reforms.  Throughout, she has set an example for her colleagues with regard to transparency in governance and aspiring to cross-aisle collaboration.

Today, alongside fellow New York Senator Chuck Schumer, she is at the forefront of the resistance. By increasing her visibility on social media, we can turn up the volume on Senator Gillibrand's progressive ideals and passionate opposition to Trump. 


Senator Gillibrand is looking to hone her social media strategy for communicating with both her constituents at home and Americans more broadly. She is looking for a data-driven audit of her social media presence, ers followers, and the issues that are central to her campaign. Volunteers will collaborate to analyze what's working and what opportunities exist to strengthen and grow her social media presence going forward—especially with an eye towards her reelection campaign in 2018

The need

  • 1 social-media marketing expert who can dive into existing accounts to figure out what's already working and strategize about the future. 

  • 1 data analyst with experience analyzing both numbers and messaging in a social media context.

  • 1 product/project manager excited to work with an up-and-coming congressman who will likely have a national stage. The ideal volunteer will love data and have managed marketing analytics projects.


5 hours/week for the next 2-3 weeks

Interested? Apply here!

We'll review applicants and compile a team of volunteers with complementary skill sets, similar availability, and shared passion! If you don't get matched with this project, there will be many more to come.  Note: This application is supplemental to your main Tech For Campaigns sign up. Please ensure that you have also completed that form.

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