This is a unique opportunity to shape the American political landscape in a meaningful way, simultaneously engaging passionate grassroots volunteers and contributing directly to ballot-box outcomes. As our CEO, you’ll be empowered to lead the growth of Tech for Campaigns and drive our emergence as a central pillar of the Left’s strategy to win future elections. TFC operates like a startup—tech-focused, quick-moving, and nimble. Accordingly, you will have strategic and operational responsibility for all aspects of TFC and our staff as we evolve into a mature organization delivering on our long-term political and technical promise.

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What You'll Do

You will ensure that TFC’s political and volunteer outreach, internal operations, human resources, marketing, development/use of technology, and ongoing fundraising are strategically and effectively implemented across all segments of the organization.

  • Strategic vision and leadership

    • Collaborate with the board to refine and execute strategic plan while ensuring that the budget and priorities are aligned with TFC's core mission.

    • Recruit core staff and provide ongoing inspirational leadership.

    • Be an external presence and voice that openly communicates program results and mission.

  • Program & Operations

    • Design TFC’s expansion strategy and business plan as we scale to our target of 500 projects completed by the 2018 election.

    • Oversee marketing and outreach to campaigns and regional political organizations (e.g. state Democratic caucuses) to build pipelines for new projects.

    • Build ongoing volunteer recruitment channels that involve our current network and prioritize quality > pure quantity.

    • Ensure ongoing programmatic excellence and establish effective decision-making processes as we dramatically expand volume of simultaneous campaign projects.

    • Oversee in-house technologists building the technologies that power our own operations and benefit campaigns.

  • Financing & Development

    • Oversee the financial health of the organization; set financial priorities to ensure support for the program and staff; ensure that TFC’s seed funding is deployed strategically.

    • Explore and implement revenue-generating opportunities in service of creating a self-sustaining organization, leveraging TFC’s knowledge, software, and opportunities for sponsorship.

Who You Are

  • You don’t need to have prior nonprofit or political experience to be successful in this role.

  • You have 10+ years of experience in digital/tech industry. You might also have experience in management consulting or similar project-based service industries.

  • You’ve effectively led/scaled an outcomes-based organization, as well as developed and operationalizing strategies that have taken an organization to the next stage of growth.

  • You’ve built and managed teams and have an ability to communicate clear priorities and and work effectively with a variety of internal and external stakeholders.

  • You have strong marketing and public relations wherewithal, and the ability to engage a wide range of stakeholders.

  • The ideal candidate will have experience with fundraising.


This is a full-time and compensated role based in San Francisco.


Apply here and let us know why you're excited about the role!