Request for Volunteers: Chris Hurst VA 12 Election - Website Makeover


Democratic Candidate
Chris Hurst


Chris Hurst is running for state delegate in Virginia’s 12th district - a district that has a Republican incumbent since 2012 but has been identified as one of Virginia’s “swing” by the pundits. Chris is a local TV anchor and well known in the area. His name may sound familiar as he suffered an unspeakable tragedy in 2015 when his girlfriend, Alison Parker, and her cameraman were killed on live TV. This sent him down a different path, one in which he believes he can better fight for the causes they valued most in public office. He’s running a campaign focused on access to mental health care, quality in education for students with special needs and workforce development for economic prosperity.

To learn more you can see his current site, FB and twitter.



Because Chris Hurst is a first time candidate he does not have a full website presence. The TFC team will get him started and give him a strong and simple digital foundation that will include:

  • Designing his website - the current website needs a design makeover and several things added to it including homepage, issue pages, event pages, a stronger call to action and more.

  • Building the site through their existing WordPress CMS so the campaign team can update it

  • Connecting his backend to a formal email list that then feeds into their email program

  • The ability for visitors to volunteer (not just submit their name) and take action

The TFC team will interface with the campaign manager to help finalize scope and get an awesome site built that sets the tone for a new way to run races and allows for ease of use and voter outreach on the backend.

The need

  • Project Lead

  • Product Manager

  • Engineer

  • UI/X Designer


5-6 hours/week for 3 weeks starting week of April 17th - this election is November 7th

Interested? Apply here! Leave your name here by Thu (4/13) at 2pm PST

We'll review applicants and compile a team of volunteers with complementary skill sets, similar availability, and shared passion! If you don't get matched with this project, there will be many more to come.  Note: This application is supplemental to your main Tech For Campaigns sign up. Please ensure that you have also completed that form.

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